Villagers bear brunt of Kashmir shelling

JAMMU – On Thursday night, the commotion in the government hospital in Jammu city in Indian-administered Kashmir became background noise to the howls of two brothers, who clung to their father’s dead body, lying on a rickety stretcher, covered in a white shroud.

The elderly farmer had died in a road accident near his village while trying to escape the bullets and mortar shells, which had been fired from across the border in Pakistan. Two of their other family members were also injured.

“No, God, no,” sobbed Rash Pal, his 40-year-old son, whose shirt was smeared with his father’s blood. “What did we do to deserve this?”

For the past four days, Pal, a 40-year-old labourer, told Al Jazeera that his village, 25km away from the city, has been caught in a deadly exchange of firepower between India and Pakistan on the border, which intensified after sunset. Every evening, he said, his family members left their village and took shelter in a wedding hall, which was at a distance from the border… read it at Al Jazeera

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