India sends mixed signals on climate change

Climate change activists in India have expressed criticism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision not to attend the UN Climate Summit in New York earlier this week.

The summit, organised by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to raise the political and public profile of the climate change crisis, was attended by more than 120 world leaders, including US President Barack Obama.

Experts in India said that Modi’s presence at the summit would have helped change India’s image as an obstructionist in climate change negotiations.

“The prime minister should have prioritised the largest environmental gathering,” said Sanjay Vashist, director of the Climate Action Network South Asia. “It was an opportunity for India to sound proactive as well as call on the developed countries to be more ambitious in reducing carbon emissions.”

Observers are hoping that the next UN climate conference – which will be held in Peruvian capital Lima in December – will produce a negotiating text for a global agreement to be signed in Paris in 2015…read it at Al Jazeera.

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