In Srinagar, Floodwaters Recede, but Anger Remains

SRINAGAR, Kashmir — As people waited here for rescue on rooftops and balconies, fear was giving way on Wednesday to anger and resentment over what some saw as a slow response to flooding that began last week and has left hundreds dead in northern India and eastern Pakistan.

In the Wazir Bagh neighborhood, where the water was about five feet at its deepest point, residents watched rescue boats make their way to another area where the waters were higher. Some said only the politically connected were being evacuated. Others complained that the rescue teams were incompetent.

One woman, Jaspreet Kaur, 25, was taken by boat to a tractor that slowly brought her and about 50 other people to dry land. She said that she was trapped on the roof of her house with her grandmother for five days, and that they had run out of food.

Roughly 500 more families are awaiting rescue in her neighborhood, she said…read it at The New York Times.

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