Police Statements Cloud Alleged Rape and Murder Case, Analysts Say

In the span of two weeks, the Indian police have offered different versions of the alleged rape and murder of two cousins in Uttar Pradesh State who were found hanging from a tree on May 28, in an event that invited widespread censure of the state government and a rebuke from the United Nations in India, as well as a statement from its secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.

On Saturday, A.L. Banerjee, the top police official in Uttar Pradesh, said that the rape of one of the girls had not been confirmed, according to the Press Trust of India.

It was the latest in a string of local news media reports in which police officials have offered differing accounts of what happened: that the girls were raped and strangled before being hanged; that they were alive when hanged; that the three brothers accused of the crime confessed; and that the case could be an honor killing perpetrated by the girls’ family.

“Of the two victims, one was the lone child of her parents,” Mr. Banerjee said in the interview with the Press Trust of India on Saturday.

“Her father is one of three brothers with limited resources, and if she was not alive, it could benefit others. It could be one of the motives. I am not saying that this is the motive,” he said…read it at The New York Times.

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