Narendra Modi’s oldest supporter is 114 years old

Tucked away in a village of northern India is a Second World War veteran, Nizamuddin, whose family says that he is 114 years old.

This would make him three years older than Alexander Imich, a Polish immigrant in Manhattan, recently deemed the oldest man in the world by the Gerontology Research Group. The only proof of Nizamuddin’s age is a copy of an emergency certificate, which records his date of birth as 1900. His son, Mohammed Akram, explained that this document served as his passport when he returned home from Burma in 1969.

Akram says his family doesn’t want to get drawn into a competition about age, especially since his father is widely known as a war veteran in the countryside of Azamgarh in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India…read it at Quartz

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