‘Rampant discrimination’ in India’s schools

New Delhi – During a conversation about her life in the ninth grade, Nazmeen, a slender 14-year-old with tightly braided hair, began to sob. “Why did she say that when I always study so hard, ” she cried, wiping away her tears.

Her teacher, Nazmeen said, had told her that she would fail the school exam. “Ma’am has been making jibes like that since the sixth grade,” she said.

The rundown locality on the outskirts of Delhi, where Nazmeen lives, is home to mostly poor Muslim families, who earn their living as labourers, rickshaw pullers, selling cigarettes and repairing bicycles. Their children attend free government schools in the area.

Nazmeen said that she got along with the Hindu students, who make up the majority of the class. But her Hindu teacher, she believes, doles out harsher words and a negative attitude towards the Muslim girls…read it at Al Jazeera.

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