Aam Aadmi Party Goes on Foot to Fight Gandhi on His Home Turf

AMETHI, India — The residents of this constituency in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh take pride in this area’s association with the Gandhis. The family began its political history here in 1977, when Sanjay Gandhi, son of the prime minister at the time, Indira Gandhi, chose to run for Parliament in Amethi because it was close to his mother’s district.

He lost his first election but won in 1980 on the promise of turning Amethi into another London. He died in a plane crash shortly after being elected, but his brother, Rajiv, won the seat in 1981 and set up factories. Since then, every Gandhi who has run for Parliament from this constituency has won, thanks to the family’s charisma, said Sharat Pradhan, a veteran journalist from Lucknow.

So when Brijesh Dubey, an unemployed 35-year-old in one of Amethi’s villages, dared to point out in an interview earlier this week that Amethi’s parliamentary representative, Rahul Gandhi, the vice president of the governing Indian National Congress, had not brought in more jobs, he was shouted down by his friends.

“Amethi is Rahul Gandhi,” said Hariraj Singh, a 55-year-old farmer. “Everyone in the world knows Amethi because of the Gandhi name.”… read it at The New York Times.

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