Graffiti Artists in Srinagar Aim to Go Beyond Vandalism

SRINAGAR, Kashmir — When Ali gets ready to paint, he puts on a mask, an occupational necessity, and not just because of the fumes from the spray can.

The 20-year-old graffiti artist, who requested that his first name not be used because defacing public property is illegal, said the mask did more than conceal his identity from the police — he believed that it also provided him with an aura of mystery that made his art more intriguing to viewers.

Mr. Ali, who goes by the name Ghalib, after the famous Urdu poet, said his work was more than just vandalism. He criticized messages like “Welcome Taliban, go India go back” scrawled on walls, saying that they achieved little except make serious artists targets for arrest.

“People will write the same rubbish about India on Facebook, but how does it make life any better for people?” he said…read it at The New York Times.

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