The Whistle-Blower of Kashmir

More than two decades after soldiers in the Indian army allegedly raped at least 30 women in Kashmir, a retired Indian official says he was booted from his post after he refused to change his damning report about what happened.

No one has ever been prosecuted for the alleged rapes, which purportedly occurred on two nights in February of 1991 in the Muslim villages of Kunan and Poshpora.

Earlier this week, the former official, S.M. Yasin, told local media that Indian Army officials tried to coerce him to alter his report about what happened. He also said that a friend in the army told him that a secret government investigation had confirmed that the rapes indeed happened.

The Indian army “behaved like beasts,” Yasin wrote in a report to a superior officer in March of 1991. “I feel ashamed to put in black and white what kind of atrocities and their magnitude was brought to my notice on the spot.”…read it at Vocativ.

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