Want a Divorce in India? You May Have to Wait 15 Years

After she got married, Vandana Shah lived the life of Indian industrialist, replete with servants and drivers. Then one day a couple years later, her husband threw her out of his house with $12 in her pocket. Her own upper-middle-class family shunned her. She had to move in with a housekeeper who had worked for her parents, and she sold $400 worth of jewelry to make ends meet.

But that wasn’t even the worst part of her divorce: The case dragged on in the Indian courts for a full decade, with hearings several times every year to relive the gory details of the broken marriage. She was actually lucky it was only 10 years—some divorce cases in India can take a quarter-century to get resolved.

Stung by the experience, a few months after her separation, she started a support group for divorcees. So far, more than 7,000 people have passed through the group. Two years ago, Shah became a lawyer and began publishing the EX-Files, a magazine for divorcees that tries to take a lighter approach to a very heavy issue in India…read it at Vocativ.

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