Two Relief Camps in Uttar Pradesh Settle Into Permanency

BHURA CAMP, Uttar Pradesh — The Bhura relief camp set up for Muslims who were fleeing violent clashes with Hindu-Jats in western Uttar Pradesh over four months ago is starting to look more like permanent settlements, despite the local authorities’ efforts to force residents to move out. Residents here say this is the first camp to become a colony.

Last week, at the Bhura camp, which holds 60 families, men worked energetically to build houses to keep out the winter chill and rain. Feverish construction this month has transformed shelters of plastic sheets and tarps into houses of red bricks and tin doors.

Mohammed Islam, 48, divided the day between nursing his sick goat and shoveling mud out of the plot for his new house. Mr. Islam’s three sons and a few other residents of the camp were heaving and placing bricks. “We are all helping each other in building houses. It saves costs, but there is also a feeling of camaraderie since we have been here for so long together,” he said…read it at The New York Times.

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